Owner’s Story – Alicia

Meet Alicia, at 30-years-old she became the proud owner of Harriet. Harriet is a 1969 smoke grey coloured four door saloon.


Alicia says “Driving wasn’t my thing, I mainly got my licence to make the shopping trips easier!   

My Dad was the petrolhead of the family, owning countless cars including An Opel Kaddett, VW Beatle, Golf GTI and my favourite – the Ford Capri.”

Sadly, Alicia’s dad has since passed away. Alicia continues, “after his passing I found being on the road made me feel closer to him. I started to look at classic cars as a way to gift myself something he would definitely have approved of and to give myself a hobby!”

Sitting comfortably?

“I scrolled passed a Moggy online and fell in love with the wonderful curves and chrome. I had never come across one before, I’d never even heard of them! My journey started then and there into learning all about them. 

In 2021 I nabbed myself my ‘69 saloon ‘Harriet’. I named her after my Dad, Harry. I’ve had her less than a year, but so far I’m loving every mile driving the old girl in modern traffic!

I’ve only had one dodgy moment with Harriet. The brakes failed one day on a downhill. My now husband Tony and I discovered she had been leaking brake fluid. Harriet wasn’t damaged and nobody got hurt thankfully.”

Harriet now benefits from a disc brake conversion.

Harriet with period style boot rack.

Alicia found Glasgow Moggies via Instagram and decided to get involved as a way to enjoy her new hobby and learn about her car.

“I’m definitely looking forward to the meets, to the tech evenings and to learning about looking after Harriet.”