Owner’s Story – Deric

Meet Deric and his 1956 Morris Minor Tourer, Miss Daisy.

Miss Daisy, sixty-five-years-young, is a factory produced tourer in her original colour, Empire Green.

Driving Miss Daisy

Taking the number of ex-Royal Navy personnel in our group to two, Deric served as a Marine Engineer for ten years in the Senior Service. Thereafter he spent thirty-one years working for the Estates Department of the University of Glasgow in various roles.

At the end of 2020 I took early retirement due to ill health, Parkinson’s Disease. 

My wife Fiona and I had been watching most of the past episodes of ‘Bangers and Cash’ during the lockdown and we discussed buying a classic car as a hobby for my retirement. We both embrace the mantras of ‘there’s no time like the present’ and ‘life is not a rehearsal’. So we set about looking at old cars. 

We agreed that it should be a Minor Convertible and roadworthy, but maybe one needing a little TLC. Definitely not a project that may take years to complete, we wanted a car to use and enjoy now.”

Deric found his search for the right car to be harder than expected. After searching the internet and making several trips to the south of England he saw only cars that were either overpriced or rusty projects.

Eventually he found Miss Daisy.

“The car was in the Midlands. As soon as we saw it we knew this was the one. She was bought and transported to Glasgow – she was ours! A bit of polish, a little elbow grease, a few small oil leaks sorted and she is really taking shape.

Miss Daisy was named after a comment during our first journey when I had a long line of cars behind me and said to Fiona, ‘it’s just like Driving Miss Daisy!’

I was contacted by John, who suggested getting together with other local Morris owners. We are are now part of Glasgow Moggies, where a novice like me can get advice and help with all things Morris Minor.

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