Young Members

Glasgow Moggies have today introduced a reduced membership rate for members aged under 25-years-old. The new under-25s rate is just £10 per year, a saving of 33% on the regular membership fee.

We already have members across all age groups, in both the west and east of Scotland. We want to go further and help young people that would like to get into the classic car scene. We recognise that cost is a significant barrier to entry for many young people, and it may be difficult to know where to start. A Moggy can actually be quite an inexpensive car to own and drive.

So, you are invited to join us even if you haven’t bought a car yet.

Young member Matthew (21) and his car Grace.

While the reduced membership rate in itself may not be much, it reflects what we want to achieve and we can do much more to help. For example, we may be able to assist newcomers with practical help (such as learning servicing, routine vehicle care etc) and to help them get to know their vehicles. This of course saves money on expensive garage labour rates.

A well-cared for Morris Minor can be kept outdoors, so don’t be put off thinking you need a garage (though it definitely helps).

The 803cc A-series engine

Interested? Read through our upcoming events and home page to get a flavour of what we do. If you’re not quite ready to join, feel free to contact us. We’ll do our best to help. We’ll also be posting a feature shortly from 21-year-old Matthew on life with a Morris Minor. Be sure to check back soon.