Owner’s Story – Brian. La Dolce Vita

Brian joined the Glasgow Moggies in 2022. He owns an 803cc series II in clarendon grey. We recently asked him a little about how he came to be a Morris Minor owner and what attracted him to the club. This is his story.

“Why purchase a Morris Minor? Well, to be honest, it was not my first choice!

“Why purchase a Morris Minor? Well, to be honest, it was not my first choice! My first ever car was a Fiat 500 L, registration FGB 57L. So initially I searched for a classic Fiat 500L. I began searching for another and found Denitto Classics in Italy. They offered to source a car, completely strip it and carry out a complete nuts and bolts restoration before shipping it to me. I had chose them due to the positive reviews online from other satisfied customers.. I sent a deposit in order to source a car and the idea was I would get regular updates, videos and photos documenting the restoration. That sort of thing.

FIAT 500L – what Brian initially set out to buy

But of course, in 2020 COVID set in and as we all saw it was bad In Italy.  The company is still there, but it did not really cope with the effect COVID had on the business, its suppliers and lack of income. To this day I am still waiting on the deposit being refunded as I cancelled the order.  Nothing back as of April 2023.  

Clarence on his transporter

Now, why then switch to looking for a Morris Minor? Well, it brought back memories of when I was young. My dad had the Morris Minor as his work’s van and I can still remember the distinct noise of the little A-series engine and the slightly musty classic car aroma, so I decided to look for a suitable car.

In April 2022 I found a car on eBay in Romney, near Kent. The elderly owner had the car for a couple of years but didn’t use it much. His main interest was his motorcycles. His son persuaded him to sell the Morris because every time he wanted one of the bigger ‘bikes out he had to move the little Moggy out the way first! It was literally getting in the way.

So after some negotiations, the little Moggy was picked up by a transport company from the borders. They travelled all the way down to the south coast to collect him.

Brian, delighted with Clarence

In preparation for the arrival I got to work in the garage, preparing the floor and walls.  The car arrived safely and I watched in trepidation as it was reversed off the trailer along the narrow ramp!

I named the Moggy Clarence, after his colour.

So far I am very pleased with Clarence. Although he is no where near show winning condition, he is something I get real pleasure from. For me I just want to keep it as it was originally built, so I still experience what it was like in 1955.  I have given in to fitting the oil restrictor, but I know it will ensure that I can use a modern filter and the oil will now circulate to the correct parts of the engine.

I cannot remember how I came about finding the Glasgow Moggies. I think I was just searching for anything Morris Minor related. However it came about, I am so glad I did!

Agnes, who needn’t be a Morris Minor widow, enjoying a club run through the Campsies

For me, as well for my wife Agnes, the Glasgow Moggies was something that completed the purchase of the car. It is a welcoming, very sociable club where you know it is alright to ask for help or information. Even the more experienced will come up with some odd problem. I’ve noticed people are very happy to help each other out.

Unlike some clubs, it also welcomes the poor long suffering partners and wives, who at times may feel they are second best to their partner’s beloved Moggy!

Brain (left), unveiling a new club banner

For me the club has the unique quality of providing a combination of a great social experience as well as having the technical expertise available, without one overcoming the other. I wouldn’t have got that with a. Fiat 500. I look forward to our time ahead with Clarence and the club. I enjoy seeing it continue to prosper.”

The views and opinions expressed in this piece are solely those of the author.