Formed in 2021, we are a classic car club with a sociable side.

We enjoy coffee (cake) meets and scenic social runs, which often include a stop for breakfast or lunch. We attend some organised classic car shows and support various community events. We have the odd summer weekender further from home and, of course, occasional visits to the pub!

In 1950s & ‘60s Britain the name “Moggy” was a popular nickname for people named Morris. William Morris, also known as Lord Nuffield, was the founder of Morris Motors. Morris motors in turn launched the postwar Morris Minor. The Minor was quickly nicknamed the “Moggy.” Hence our name, Glasgow Moggies.

A popular misconception is that the Minor was nicknamed “Moggy” because it was as popular and loveable as a tabby cat. Though there may be an element of truth in people thinking of their Moggy Minors as pets!

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While the Morris Minor is our raison d’être, other classic car owners (classic here defined as generally anything originally designed before 1980) are welcome to join. We already have a couple of classic MGs and Ford Cortinas within the club. It’s as much about the people as it is about the cars!

Experience levels within the club vary from first time classic car owners to those with decades of experience. Many are often happy to help each other out with advice, spare parts and practical assistance.

Bertie having a blast with his minions

Most (in fact probably all of us) are members of the Morris Minor Owner’s Club (MMOC) at UK level.

1948 – 2023

It’s always a pleasure to welcome new members. Further information on joining can be found on our Membership page.