About Us

Formed in 2021, we are a social club for Morris Minor/classic car enthusiasts. While the Morris Minor is our core, other classic cars (generally anything originally designed before 1980) are welcome.

Experience levels vary from first time classic car owners to those with decades of experience.

Bertie and his minions

Most, if not all of us, are members of the Morris Minor Owner’s Club (MMOC) at UK level.

We are coordinated by an informal committee of four; John Emley (Founder), Stephen Sey (Treasurer), Allan Methven (Organiser & MGOC liaison) and Kenny Murphy (Organiser).

Drive it Day, April 2022

Some of our members, including our founder, are also members of the MMOC Scottish Branch. We work with them on various events for the benefit of the Scottish Morris Minor scene. Please consider joining both to get the most from your car.

Further information on joining can be found on our Membership page.