These pages are very much in their infancy. We hope to draw together good technical guides, videos and information from across the web. These should answer many frequently asked questions and serve to assist newcomers, and potential new owners, to the Morris Minor scene in particular.

Disclaimer: The information provided is obtained from third parties and is reproduced in good faith. We believe it to be accurate. It should not be interpreted as Glasgow Moggies providing you with advice. We make no guarantees that the information is error free. If in any doubt at all please seek professional advice or assistance from a suitably trained vehicle mechanic (one experienced with older cars) before undertaking work to your vehicle. This is particularly important if working on safety critical vehicle components.


Batteries, distributors, coils etc.

Wiring Diagrams

With alternator, dynamo.

Lubrication Chart

Vehicle greasing

Servicing Videos

Oil, valve clearances, wipers etc.
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