Tree-V Carbon Capture

Glasgow Moggies are pleased to support the Tree V initiative. The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC) has chosen to carbon capture the vehicle emissions of their members.

Carbon capture through this scheme means new forestry will be planted in the UK. As opposed to carbon offsetting, which is the protection of established forests overseas. This is an exciting choice as it will aid the reforestation of the UK and see the creation of valuable new wildlife habitat.

As an FBHVC member we have signed up in support of the scheme.

Many historic vehicle owners will point out – correctly – that the carbon footprint of their vehicle is very low. So low it’s negligible in UK CO2 terms, never mind globally. It’s an important point. They are also more sustainable and fuel efficient than many a modern car. Classic car owners also tend to shun throw away culture.

However it is still worthwhile for us all to play our part in establishing new forests within the UK, which are of benefit to wildlife and humans alike.

Accordingly, we encourage all our members to consider signing up to the Tree V scheme.

How to sign up: Simply click the link above, select your vehicle type and approximate annual mileage. In the club drop down box scroll down to ‘Glasgow Moggies’ and select it. Complete your payment online.

Glasgow Moggies will receive regular updates on the progress of the scheme, which we will share with members.