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Parts Discount – David Manners Group

David Manners Group

As part of their sponsorship agreement with us David Manners Group (DMG) are offering our club members discounts on both parts and shipping.

Members that spend £500 or more (including VAT) with DMG within a twelve month period will have their Glasgow Moggies membership fee refunded by DMG. They also run regular competitions for club members, which you are welcome to participate in.

DMG specialise in parts for the Morris Minor, Jaguar, Daimler, MG & the Mazda MX5. Parts for the Morris Minor are sold under the Abingdon MG banner.

To take advantage of this offer you need to register with DMG as a club member. Please email DMG with the following information;

  • Our club name
  • Your membership number
  • Your membership expiry date (membership renews on 1st Oct each year)
  • Your postcode
  • Your DMG customer number (if you already have one)

Discounted Insurance

To take advantage of this offer please telephone Adrian Flux on 0800 085 6068, ensuring you state your Glasgow Moggies membership.

Insurance specialist Adrian Flux have agreed to a 15% discount for Glasgow Moggies members.

To take advantage of this offer please telephone Adrian Flux freephone on 0800 085 6068, ensuring you state your Glasgow Moggies membership.

Please read the communication below from Adrian Flux for further details.

Dear Members,

My name is Nick and I am the Owners Club Representative for Adrian Flux.

Adrian Flux are celebrating 50 years and as the UK’s leading specialist motor intermediary and my role is to build relationships with owner’s clubs, regardless of size or machine, and to promote the many benefits of becoming one of our acknowledged clubs.

As well as the best car insurance quotation service around, we also offer great rates on motorcycle insurance, home insurance, caravan insurance, van insurance, and travel insurance. With the rising costs of living, we pride ourselves on trying our best to get the best rates possible for our customers and to save them money on all their insurance needs.

Because the insurance we offer is tailored to your exact needs, all our quotes receive the attention of an insurance specialist. So you will usually get our best quotes, as well as a faster service, over the phone.

We have recently teamed up with Glasgow Moggies to offer discounted Insurance Policies to its members. We can tailor our quotes to suit the individual, providing benefits such as Agreed Valuation, Extended European cover and Like-for-Like cover on your modifications!

Adrian Flux are glad to provide up to 15% discount on all quotes! All you need to do is call on 0800 085 6068 and mention your Glasgow Moggies membership.

If you already are an existing customer and have any customer service queries, or are due for a renewal, then again do not hesitate to contact me and I will be happy to help.


Nick Wilkinson, Owner’s Club Representative

Glasgow Moggies do not receive any form of commission in respect of policy referrals.