Membership costs £15 per household, per year. The membership year runs from 1st October until 30th September.

For anyone joining on or after 1st April in any given year the initial fee will be discounted to £10, reverting to £15 upon renewal in October.

Fees are paid annually by bank transfer to the club treasurer.

Membership sticker

Morris Minors provide our core identity. However, membership is open to any classic car owner. In this instance classic means anything originally designed (but not necessarily manufactured) pre-1980.

What do I get?

You will receive regular newsletters by email and a free club window sticker. You are welcome to join our private member’s WhatsApp group and may attend social events, runs and shows. You may bring non-members with you at no extra cost.

Above all you will be part of a community of friendly classic car enthusiasts, many of whom are happy to help each other out with advice, practical assistance and those harder to find spare parts.

Overseas membership is £5.50 per year per individual, running 1st Oct – 30th Sep. This rate is fixed throughout the year. You will receive an annual club membership sticker and our monthly newsletter. Overseas membership is payable by PayPal invoice. Overseas members are not permitted access to the members WhatsApp group and may not vote on club matters.

How do I join?

Complete the form below, taking care to ensure all details are entered correctly. We’ll be in touch with details of how to send your payment. Once payment is received your application will be complete.

Membership is subject to our terms & conditions and privacy policy.

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