Largs Fish & Chips Run

Classic car owners in Scotland are faced with a weather problem. Either they hide their cars away whenever it rains, which is often, or they get out and enjoy them regardless.

Ready to roll

And so on Saturday 1st October four Moggy Travellers braved the sporadic, torrential, downpours to meet at McDonald’s, Braehead. Their destination, Largs.

The convoy headed east on the M8 past Glasgow airport and then south west on the A737. Then it was onto the A760 at Lochwinnoch, through Kilbirnie and over the Haylie Brae with a final steep descent down into Largs.

The drive was pleasant and scenic, albeit punctuated with frequent downpours.

“Wee Mo”

Upon arrival at Largs the convoy was joined by a token saloon, affectionately known as “Wee Mo”. The group attempted to enter the public car park. Unfortunately it’s an ANPR system and as we found out…it doesn’t read old style black and silver number plates!

A break in the rain

Once parked up it was quickly decided a dog friendly pub would be the best option for a bite to eat and some refreshments.

All lined up for a photo op

After a spot of social lunch the convoy of Travellers made its way back up the coast to the M8 via Weymss Bay and Greenock. Thus bringing to a conclusion the 2022 classic car season.

ANPR proved a challenge

Work now begins on arranging a Christmas bevvy (sorry, meal!) and preparation for 2023.